How to find a Person-Centred Counsellor

County lists counsellors in England, Wales and Scotland. By clicking on the Country or County, you will be taken to the geographical location of your choice. Don't forget to check nearby areas too.

All counsellors listed work in a Person-Centred/Client-centred way. 

All counsellors have told me they have had at least 300 hours of specifically Person-Centred training - although I have NOT seen proof of this. 

Simply being a member of BACP infers nothing about training. Member agrees to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics (known as their Ethical Framework) and can be forced to leave the Association if they break the code. This is known as an Enforcible code of ethics. UKCP have their own Code of Ethics, as do COSCA (Scotland only). Whenever you approach a counsellor or this list or any other, don't be embarrassed to ask this question and don't assume it.