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RogersCarl Rogers by Dagmar Pescitelli. Straight forward description of Rogers (and other theorists) in straight forward language which students will probably find helpful. (Reviewed May 2011)

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carl rogers, core conditions and education

Best known for his contribution to client-centered therapy and his role in the development of counselling, Rogers also had much to say about education and group work. (May 2011)

RogersCarl Rogers: Where No Psychologist Went Before by Dr. John Suler. (May 2011)

George Boeree This is an electronic textbook ("e-text") created for my students in Personality Theories. In fact, it is the first free e-text in psychology, originally presented in 1997! (Not only can George help you with the Person-centred Approach, but many more as well. May 2011)

CRAll the background to CR you ever needed. (May 2011)

intarchInternational Archives of the Person-Centered Approach. The Archives include, at the present moment, About 19,000 references in seven languages: Deutsch, English, EspaƱol, Francais, Nederlands, Italiano and Portugues. Director: Alberto S. Segrera is the remarkable powerhouse for this work. He is an amiable Cuban who has spent most of his professional life in Mexico City.  (May 2011)

Great idea to have a CD about CR. Trouble is that it would not play on modern format Windows computers when it was launched in the UK - so be careful. The Mac versions look as old! (May 2011)

I wondered if this site would survive Garry's death and it is true that it has not been updated since 2005, it also looks amateurish, but don't be mislead by either of these points, it still contains a lot of good and a fantastic book list. Garry's contribution to PCA was massive and I'm glad the site is still here. (May 2011)

 Self Knowledge for Creative Personal Growth' which is a website concerned with looking at the question 'Who Am I through the eyes of Freud, Jung, Carl Rogers and the systems of Buddhism and Astrology. Could help out with that tricky essay! (May 2011)