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Camelot USA is an organization committed to teaching relationship competence in organizations. Our range of workshops prepares the individual to seek responsibility and become leaders with a moral and philosophical grounding that gives them a broad world view for competence in an ever-changing complex world. (From their website - May 2011(

Buy Person-centred stuff from California. Nicely revamped site. (May 2011)

Concept Counselling

They say "At Concepts we offer the Person-Centred Approach to Counselling, as originated by Carl Rogers, and also, where appropriate and where requested, we work with image in a Person-Centred way, as originated by Liesl Silverstone."

They are based in Chelmsford, Essex in the UK. (Written Aug 04, Reviewed May 2011)

Counselling NederlandsThe Academy for Counselling and Coaching specializes in training to Counsellor and Coach. (Rediscovered in May 2011)

Counselling WorksCounselling Works Ltd The commercial sister site of this site. This is Counselling Centre in Milton Keynes & Bedford, UK offering counselling, supervision, critical incident, room rental, workshops, training and consultancy. (June 06)

Danish Carl Rogers Forum Danish Carl Rogers Forum is an informal forum for people interested in the psychology of Carl Rogers, known as 'The Client-Centered Therapy' and 'The Person-Centered Approach. 

Dansk Carl Rogers Forum er et uformelt forum for mennesker, der interesserer sig for Carl Rogers psykologi, kendt som 'The Client-Centered Therapy' og 'The Person-Centered Approach'. (Reviewed May 2011 - the site is in Danish)

Training Institute in Stuttgart. (May 2011)

Institutt for Person-sentrert Konsultasjon This is Leif J. Braaten's site, he and his site are Norwegian. If you click on the very small Union Jack (British flag) you can read it in English. It is a one page site (Nov 1999 & May 2011))

A site publishing PCA/CCT books. Their aim is to be the world's leading publisher of CCT/PCA books - they will made it too! (Jan 2004) (There is loads of specific reference to them in my Books section.). (Updated June 2001). I don't know if they have met the ambition, but I would have thought so. (May 2011)

Person-centred workshops & brief training in the Manchester (UK) area run by Frances McDonnell. (28/12/11)

FocussingAll you ever wanted to know about Focusing but didn't like to ask. "Focusing is a way of getting a body sense -- we call it a FELT SENSE -- of how you are in a particular life situation. This is unclear and vague at first, but if you pay attention it will open up into words or images that often will lead to small steps of change, action and new thought." This, New York State Institute can tell you about the training in Focusing they run. (Apr 1998, revised May 2011)

The Norwich Centre Openned in 1980, the centre in England was started by Brian Thorne and two others. The site is mostly advertising material, but the history is interesting to British PCA people. (Aug 2000)

 I was expecting a lot of Person Centred material, but it is mostly in-house stuff. Look under Books & Video's for a few PCA references. (Dec 1997)