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Alistair Macdougall is a Person-centred counsellor in Nottingham England. (Jun 2011)

PCA Derbyshire. (May 2011)

Cen fot Human EncouragementThe mission of the Center for Human Encouragement is to provide psychotherapy and other person to person sevices such as life coaching, and health counseling which promote the inner growth of persons, couples, and families, drawing on their strengths. 

I also put it here because I like Armin & Grace. (May 2011)

coun centreThis site in English, French & German claims to offer Person Centred counselling by e-mail. I didn't think this world work when I first linked to this site in 1998 - now in May 2011 it's still here. 

Counselling for you

Marion Leslie's home page. she is interested in Cancer and other Life-Threatening Illnesses

CraigI currently work as a Teaching Fellow in the Counselling and Psychotherapy Department at the University of Edinburgh and I run a small private practice in counselling, psychotherapy and supervision. I previously managed a local counselling service for men and a national mental health project for adults who had experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Dr Greg MulhauserGreg Mulhauser has assemble an astonishing range of counselling & psychological help and advice. Greg says " is inspired by the belief that open access to information about counselling and psychotherapy helps clients to make more informed choices and helps practitioners to develop the services they provide." (Mar 2003)


Prof. Dave Mearns. Dave retired from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland in 2005. I don't think he's stopped working, he's just doing it at a pace he wants. Check out his booklist, and his popular Masterclass. (May 08)

ElkeElke says she is  "interested in supporting person- centred counsellors, supervisors and trainers through offering training courses, seminars and workshops" (Revised May 2011)

Morven Fyfe says that she provides a counselling service and her specialist field is child abuse. She practices  in North Hertfordshire and in London. 

Kalba Meadows, a person-centred therapist now living and practising in Ari├Ęge, in the foothills of the Pyrenées in southern France. She worked for many years with diverse individuals and groups, in non-statutory organisations and in staff training, before taking time out to study full time at the University of East Anglia (England).

 On-line counselling and a retreat in the French Pyrenees. Simon Cole has it all on his website at (Jan 2012)

I'm amazed this old site is still available. Contains a few useful papers. (Dec 1997 & updated May 2011)

Counselling & supervision of course, but her USP (unique selling point) is person-centred approach to eating distress. Tough if you don't live in the UK, but hey, you could order her CD! (May 2011)

Carl's daughter - really! (May 2011)

Human development consultant and author Peggy Natiello, Ph.D., worked closely with Carl Rogers from 1978-1987 on many person-centered staffs. Dr. Rogers served as her major doctoral advisor and mentored her dissertation on the nature of learning that occurs in person-centered experiences. (May 2011)

Person-PersonRun by Sylvia Russell in Edinburgh, her underlying philosophy is person-centred and she seeks to facilitate the personal growth & professional development of therapists in the caring professions in East Scotland. (She does mind if you come from other places too.) (May 2011) professions in Scotland

Don't be mislead by this being an Individual home page - this is a massive towering page, as is Peter himself. Its all here, the question is, do you have time to read it all? (May 2011)

Ruth SandfordRuth was a a close friend of Carl Rogers. I met her a few times toward the of her life when attending various Person-centred events in the USA. It was striking how she seemed to value every one, her good humour and the fact that she seemed to listen to everyone with the same intense attention. She died a long time ago and I am amazed that her home page is still here. Enjoy it whilst you can. Check out her old pictures. (May 2011) 

Yup, someone had to get this name, and its Sam Evans of Athens, Georgia, USA. (may 2011)

Person Centred counselling for adults and children, as well as supervision, in Bath, England. (May 2011). 

Symmetry Counselling is the private counselling practice of Sarah McCartney BA (Hons) Counselling, MBACP (Accred).

She is a BACP Accredited Counsellor working in private practice in West Drayton - London (UK). (May 2011)