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This website is intended to be a resource to the Person/Client-centred community throughout the world, although there is an emphasis on my home country of Britain. The original version was built in 1996 (which is almost pre-history in internet terms)

Please contact me if you have any information that could be included.

I am a Counsellor and Supervisor in private practice in Angus, Scotland. My original training in 1980/2 was with Scottish Marriage Guidance (now called Relationship Scotland). In 1985, I commenced my Person-Centred training with F.D.I (Britain), now called Person Centred Training (Britain). My tutors were Prof. Dave Mearns, Prof. Brian Thorne, and Elke Lambers.

Many people have contacted me in the years since I originally built this site (it is never finished). Often, they are students in training and others who have found this site. I have been pleased to have contact with many interesting people in this way.

If you know of sites or information that could be included in this site, please e-mail me.

Contact information: e-mail.allan@counsellingworks.co.uk
Phone from within the UK. +44 7968 321898. International.
Postal: Counselling Works Ltd. 10 Rowan Gardens, Forfar, Scotland.

This site is intended to be of service to the Person Centred community.

My commercial site is:

www.allanturnercounselling.co.uk  This site provides information about the various services I offer.
These services include counselling, psychotherapy, clinical supervision, group supervision, workshops and training.

If you're looking for my client-work website go to www.allanturnercounselling.co.uk