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This website is intended to be a resource to the Person/Client-centred community throughout the world, although there is an emphasis on my home country of Britain. The original version was built in 1996 (which is almost pre-history in internet terms)

Please contact me if you think you have any information which could be included.

I am a Counsellor, Supervisor and Critical Incident Debriefer in private practice in Milton Keynes, UK. My original training, in 1980/2 was with Scottish Marriage Guidance (now called Relationship Scotland). In 1985 I commenced my Person-Centred training with F.D.I (Britain), now called Person Centred Training (Britian). My tutors were Prof. Dave Mearns, Prof. Brian Thorne, Elke Lambers.

In the years since I originally built this site (it is never finished), I have had many people contact me. Often they are students in training, and others, who have found this site. I have been pleased to have contact with many interesting people in this way.

If you are aware of sites, or information, which could be included in this site please e-mail me.

Contact information: e-mail.allan@counsellingworks.co.uk
Phone from within the UK. 01908 263 800. International +44 1908 263 800.
Postal: Counselling Works Ltd. 62 High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1AQ,United Kingdom.

This site is intended to be of service to the Person Centred community.

My commercial site is:

www.counsellingworks.co.uk  This site provides information about the various business services offered by my company Counselling Works Ltd.
These services include: counselling, psychotherapy, clinical supervision, group supervision, workshops, training, Critical Incident Debriefing and the renting of counselling rooms.

If you're looking for my client work website go to www.allanturnercounselling.co.uk